Manufacturer of One Piece Fiberglass Pools

Thank you for your interest in a C & W One
Piece Fiberglass Pool. We firmly believe that
we are manufacturing the most superior pool
on the market today.

The One-Piece Fiberglass Pool concept has
been proven all over the United States since
the early fifties.We are a family owned and
operated company; we are also a member of
the Better Business Bureau. We have been in
business since 1983.Our plant is located on 41-A
(Clarksville Highway) at the Cheatham County
and Davidson County Line.

We have two pools installed at the plant and
welcome visitors. Our office hours are 8:00 AM
to 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday. Call the office
for appointments after hours or on weekends.

People in the surrounding Counties, we would
be more than happy to come to your house and
demonstrate our product and give you a free
estimate at your convenience. Others, we will
do our best to put you in touch with one of our
Dealers in your area.

Our local installers have several years experience installing our pools:

1. RNH Construction
Randy Hasse
20 years Experience

2. Chambliss Construction Co Inc
Carl Chambliss
30 plus years experience with Fiberglass Pool
prior years with other types of pools

We also have Self Install Packages Available !





Fiberglass Pools have been in production since 1958.
There are many distinct advantages to owning
a Fiberglass Pool.



Steel Walls,
Bottom Pools
Guarantee LIFETIME LIMITED 1 Year Seams Only 1 Year Bottom
hrs per week
2 HOURS 8 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours
Bank Acceptance Excellent Excellent     Fair     Poor
Surface Nonabrasive   Rough   Slippery    Rough
Time to Install 1-2 weeks 6-8 weeks 2-3 weeks 3-4 weeks
Painting     Never Yearly    Never    Yearly
Quality Controlled By Factory By Installer By Installer By Installer
Type of Coping Fiberglass Concrete Aluminum Aluminum
Steps Built-in Built-in   Optional    Optional
Drainage of Pool   Never   Yearly   2 Years   Never
   None Expensive
to Build
     & Maintain
   Easy to
Pools Tend
    to Leak


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