ESTIMATES:  We give free estimates.

INSTALL TIME:  Approx 2 weeks from start to finish weather permitting

WARRANTY:  Limited Life Time Warranty on the Structure of the pool as long as you own the pool.  Pool must be full of water at all times.

COLOR:  We make the pools in white and sky blue and have in stock year round.  We also offer Sand, Light Blue and Dark Blue Granite Coat pools, these colors are made by order and a $2500.00 deposit is required at time of order, approximately three weeks for delivery.

FADING:  Pool will fade over a period of time; several customers choose the white pools because of the fading.  Fading is a combination of chemicals and sunlight.

FLOATING:  All types of pools will float in fact concrete are more susceptible to floating because of the need to be drained to do surface maintenance, such as painting & re-surfacing.  If ground water on the outside of any pool type is higher than the water on inside, the pool will float out or push up out of place.  The key is to keep all pools full of water.  A pool full of water cannot float because the weight of the water inside the pool will hold the pool down in place.

TILE:  Yes we offer tile, the tile is put on the pool after it is in the ground, if you decide to do tile then you will need a cantilever deck.  The tile and the cantilever deck are not included in a standard installation price.  Pricing available upon request.

DELIVERY:  Pools that we install the delivery is included in your contract amount. If you are installing your own pool we deliver the first 100 miles at no charge, over 100 miles depends on the pool size.

SALT SYSTEMS:  Yes we do Salt Systems, priced upon request.

STEPS:  Molded into the pool

LIGHTS:  Lights can be install in your pool they are priced upon request.










Fiberglass Pools have been in production since 1958.
There are many distinct advantages to owning
a Fiberglass Pool.


Fiber Glass Facts


Kidney Pool






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